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New Clubhouse Doors (October 2016)

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Replacement of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Gulf Horizons Owners:

As you know, work on the roof is scheduled to begin Monday and this might be a good time for you to consider replacing your air conditioning unit. Yesterday, we received information from McCutcheon’s, the air conditioning subcontractor. Below, you will find the following:

  1. A listing of units/owners who might want to consider replacing their air conditioning units. One list was prepared by McCutcheon’s. The other was prepared by Allied during their semi-annual inspection. As one might expect, the lists are not identical. I’ve done my best to type the technician’s handwritten notes verbatim. If you have questions, call McCutcheon’s. (Some owners have asked why we didn’t choose Allied. The answer is simple. Their bid was substantially higher.)
  2. A letter from David Gill, of Sean McCutcheon’s, explaining your options if you are interested in buying a new air conditioning unit. If you would like your unit installed during the roofing project and to be eligible for the discounted prices offered below, you must contract with McCutcheon’s directly. These transactions are between you and McCutcheon’s. The Association is simply providing this opportunity because we are paying McCutcheons to disconnect and connect the a-c units as part of the roofing project. These costs would be paid by you if we were not replacing the roof. Do not delay. Please contact McCutcheon’s as soon as possible.

For those of you with the ability to open a PDF file, I’ve also attached the entire file from McCutcheon’s with the inspections for all units. For most units, it includes the brand and year of installation for each unit, in case you can’t recall these details for your unit.
Watch for an email blast from Sunstate with parking instructions during the roofing project. As you might expect, we will not be able to use the parking places closest to the building: those who park facing the building and the two closest to the building on the south side of the parking lot. If your parking place is not affected by the roofing project and you will not be using your spot, please let us know so we can make it available to those without a place to park.
I’m relieved to have one of our projects starting. Let’s hope we don’t get any bad news leading to unexpected costs.


Rob Parry
Interim President, Gulf Horizons

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McCutcheons Letter

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