COA Parking Rules


  1. Only one (1) car is permitted in the parking area for each apartment, and it shall be parked in the space assigned to that apartment. See #4 for exceptions.
  2. All owners are issued a parking tag to be hung from your rearview mirror, or placed on your dashboard. The tags are numbered to match your parking place. Please make sure your tag is visible while parked in the Gulf Horizons’ lot. Cars parked in an owner’s space without a matching tag number may be subject to a fine or be towed. GH House Rules 2018 V2.Docx House Rules Page 2 of 7
  3. Residents are not to park in “Guest” spaces. Parking by guests is limited to 48 hours on site. If you have guests or family staying with you longer than two days, please have them park in the public lot down the street.
  4. If your guest is using a guest parking space overnight, place a note on the dashboard with unit and phone number. If you prefer to have your guest use your space, give them your tag. You should park down the street.
  5. Parking of one car behind another is not permitted except in the second space in the center carport nearest the south entrance and in the three spaces along the north wall nearest the north entrance, and only with permission of the residents to whom these spaces have been assigned.
  6. No campers, trailers, commercial trucks or commercial vans, recreational vehicles or boat trailers are permitted to park overnight in the parking area. Private passenger vans are permitted providing they can fit in the assigned parking space for the unit.
  7. Exterior washing of cars is not allowed in the parking area.
  8. Guest Parking Spaces
    • Per the Declaration as amended “Due to the limited number of guest parking spaces, the Board of Directors may permit guests to park in assigned spaces when the Board is aware the unit to which the space is assigned is unoccupied.”.
    • Residents who are to be away for a week or more are encouraged to notify Sunstate Management so that a temporary “Guest” sign may be placed over the number for security as well as for additional space availability. Residents to be away for a shorter period of time are asked to sign in on a schedule posted in the Club Room, or contact Sunstate Management to enable the parking coordinator to assign that space for a limited time.
    • In the absence of sufficient volunteer guest spaces, the Board will place guest signs on spaces assigned to units that appear to be unoccupied.
    • Residents who have been away shall notify Sunstate Management prior to their return so, if necessary, the temporary “Guest” sign may be removed in time for the resident’s arrival.
    • Residents shall make sure that Delivery or Service vehicles ordered by them do not interfere with parking spaces of other residents. Unless someone remains in the vehicle available to move it, the resident shall place a note on the windshield indicating the apartment being serviced.
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